ETHER project contributes to ground breaking satellite constellations bringing connectivity to 25M people in rural areas in Europe.

ETHER project is thrilled to announce that its partner Sateliot, a company that is disrupting the satellite industry, has ambitious plans to create the first satellite constellation offering standard 5G IoT connectivity from space to 25 million people in rural areas in Europe. The ETHER Project will provide the necessary framework for this new network ecosystem, which also involves AI and machine learning. 

ETHER project, with a budget of €4.6 Million, is co-funded by the European Commission to develop solutions for a groundbreaking, cutting-edge telecommunications network, impacting people in rural areas who, until now, have remained marginalized from the opportunities that Internet access provides for social and economic prosperity.  

ETHER, standing for “Self-evolving terrestrial/non-terrestrial hybrid networks”, is powered by rapidly-emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Sateliot will provide ETHER with its nanosatellite constellation, setting a base for standardization and interoperability between its network in space and the network in the ground through the implementation of a Unified Radio Access Network (RAN), and a 3D ‘Network of Networks’.  

The ETHER framework will be used as a baseline for the future of telecommunications, benefitting rural, unconnected areas all over the world, as it is estimated that 15% of the earth doesn’t have cellular connectivity. Therefore, industries such as agriculture, logistics, maritime transportation, and others, will be hugely benefited. 

The AI-based framework used by ETHER is projected to self-evolve the segmented management and orchestration of the integrated network. One of ETHER project goals is to demonstrate the viability of the unified network of networks, identifying the key benefits that will drive investment in this integration of non-terrestrial with terrestrial networks. Furthermore, this ‘Network of Networks’, built up with terrestrial and space networks, along with the use of AI and machine learning, is to be the ultimate tool to bring 5G and 6G connectivity to rural and uncovered areas.

Marco Guadalupi, Sateliot CTO and co-founder: “By entering the project, Sateliot is crossing a threshold, as we are marching in the frontline of network integration. ETHER is an ambitious project for the magnitude of joining several networks and the use of AI and Machine Learning, whose effects on our society and the industry are more tangible today than ever before. We have already witnessed what developed AIs, like ChatGPT or Midjourney, are capable of doing at a user level.