On 3rd-4th October 2023, the ETHER consortium met face-to-face for their first General Assembly after the kickoff meeting in January 2023.  

The General Assembly was hosted by ETHER’s industrial partner, Orange Polska at their premises in Warsaw, Poland.  

In the first day of the General Assembly, members of the external advisory board of the project were also invited and technical presentations were done, each work package, where they asked multiple questions about the research direction, challenges, roadblockers etc that can be foreseen. This was a very important check point in order to get a preliminary feedback of the overall progress of the project. 

The first day of the general assembly ended with a sumptuous Polish dinner organised by the local partner Orange Polska.  

In depth pilots presentation took place, discussing their requirements as well as the functionalities of the ETHER outputs. In addition there were in depth discussions on the architecture and checks were made in the progress of the technical work packages and whether the tools that they are proposing fit to the overall platform. 

The second day continued with the status and progress of work packages, risks that are foreseen and the mitigation measures. The flow of the entire General assembly was very smooth which also left time in the afternoon for one-to-one discussions and meetings as needed by partners.  

The ETHER partners are looking forward to the next meeting and preparations for the upcoming milestones. 

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