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April 20, 2023 @ 10:30 12:30

A 6G VISION – What will 6G offer to vertical industries & Future perspectives

The 5G/6G Vertical Users Workshops aim at establishing a collaborative event for strategic dialogue between vertical industries (automotive Industrial automation, health, media industry, security, public safety, energy), SDOs and 3GPP, with a view to exchange requirements, outline issues and obstacles impeding progress, and look at upcoming future standards development.

These requirements are considered to be essential to unlock the potential of 5G/6G technologies, with the objective to enhance vertical industries.

In this digital event, the speakers will dig into 6G high-profile themes, by tackling long-term challenges and priorities that can be summarized as follows:

  1. What may be the economic, societal, environmental and technological impact of 6G concept.
  2. How business is going to evolve and keep up while moving from 5G to 6G.
  3. 6G business case(s) for 6G and/or Use Case(s) and what are the key drivers. 
  4. What advantages will 6G have over 5G and how quickly do we need it, and at what cost.
  5. What 5G-related shortcomings 6G is expected to fix (or try to).
  6. The Voice of EU (and International) R&I for next generation networks and services.